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DER Solutions for Cooperatives

New Whitepaper 

"What is a DERMS and how can we utilize one?"

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A paradigm shift is upon us that includes transitions from fossil generation to renewable and centralized generation to more Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Operation of these DERs in the most efficient and effective way possible requires an evolution in the software used to manage the grid. This leads us to one of the utility industry’s most commonly used acronyms when speaking about the future operation of the electric grid —  ‘DERMS’. So, what is a DERMS and is this something that our cooperative utility should consider? What value would a DERMS bring to your members? Find all these answers and more in our new whitepaper, available for download today!

With over fifteen years of expertise, we are here to help guide you to your solution. 

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Jon Grooters

Jon Grooters is a Director of Utility Solutions at Smarter Grid Solutions. With the vast changes occurring to the power system, he is dedicated to grid modernization and increased DER penetration. Jon has over 15 years in the utility industry with background in protection & control and operational systems such as SCADA, ADMS and DERMS. He’s an active participant in IEEE at both the local and regional levels and was a member of the IEEE 2030.11 Guide for Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) Functional Specification. Jon strives to be an advocate for his customers and tries to find the right solution to address the challenges facing the utility.