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Download our 'Monetising DER Assets by Aggregation in Virtual Power Plants: Opportunities & Requirements' Whitepaper here:

We help developers and fleet operators scale, optimise and monetise portfolios

Remotely and automatically optimising Distributed Energy Resource (DER) dispatch, connecting diverse DER assets and fleets to owners, operators, aggregators and traders to maximise the returns from energy, grid flexibility services and markets.

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 Customer Journey

  • Grid Capacity Screening (Import & Export)
  • Distribution & Transmission
  • Constraint & Curtailment Analysis
  • Co-location Modelling
  • Probabilistic Outage Risk
  • Technical Limits Studies
  • Bankability Support 
  • Cloud Based Control, Optimisation and Dispatch Platform
  • Utility Grade Virtual Power Plant
  • Aggregator DERMS 
  • Site Master Controller & Asset Controller
  • Battery Energy Management System (EMS) 
  • G100 Export Limiter
  • Microgrid Controller & Commissioning
  • Active Network Management Integration
  • Integration of DER to Grid, Systems, Markets 
  • Multi-Trading Optimiser Interfaces
  • Internal Trading Desk Interface
  • 24x7x365 Control Room 
  • Grid Capacity Screening Studies (Import & Export)
  • Curtailment Risk Assessment Studies
  • Curtailment Mitigation Studies
  • Transmission Constraint Analysis
  • Technical Limits Assessment Studies
  • Intertrip Assessment Study
  • Probabilistic Outage Risk Assessment and Curtailment Impacts
  • Co-Location Modelling
  • Development Site Grid Connection Feasibility Studies
  • Local Area Planning alongside DNO/DSO 
Canadian Solar

"The in-depth knowledge and analysis of Smarter Grid Solutions is allowing us to navigate the increasingly complex connections and operations on the UK network. This allows us to continue our ambitious growth in development of renewable generation and battery storage in a way that is bankable and most optimal for the UK electricity system.”

Muirhall Energy

“Smarter Grid Solutions have consistently provided industry leading services in the Grid Network Analysis sector for Muirhall Energy. With each collaboration between Muirhall and SGS, the SGS team have proven to be insightful and reliable. The team have completed several complex Load Management Scheme and Active Network Management assessments which are essential to the delivery of their respective project. The reports are informative and clearly present the planned deliverables. ”

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Our team is looking forward to meeting you to discuss how we can partner with you to bring your new or existing portfolio of energy assets into the marketplace. Please come to booth P24 to join our free connections clinic.

Smarter Grid Solutions Staff at Solar & Storage 2023