Smarter Grid Solutions Welcomes You to COP26 in Glasgow

SGS Welcomes You

We are delighted that the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place in our home city of Glasgow.

We know that many of you are already on the Road To Glasgow in various ways.

We’re Already Here in Glasgow and waiting to welcome you and to share what we are contributing to the net zero carbon energy system both here in the UK and with our customers and partners across the world.

We know that our energy management software is only one part of the answer to the immense challenge of the climate emergency. But it is an important part of the solution so urgently needed and we’d love to show you more.


Our Commitment to Achieving Net Zero


We are fully onboard with the principles, aims and objectives of the Paris Agreement and look forward to more progress being made in this COP26 year. Our mission is to provide the clean energy management and control tools essential to delivering net zero carbon energy.

“Smarter Grid Solutions is a leading clean energy management software company and we are proud to have played our part in connecting more than 400MW of renewable energy assets to the grid. Not only are our solutions being used in Europe and North America today, but we are working on ways to extend the value of our solutions to our net zero carbon transition customers further afield and in new ways. Our staff are highly motivated by the climate challenge and we are delighted to provide opportunities for engagement with customers, partners and other climate stakeholders in this COP26 year. We have plenty of valuable insight and experience to share but also lots to gain through our planned COP26 activities”.

– Brent Marshall, CEO


Using our technology to deliver net zero carbon energy systems

We have been helping renewable energy and low carbon technologies get connected to electricity systems more quickly, less expensively and for greater customer benefit for over ten years. Find out what DERMS are and what they mean for the low carbon energy transition.

Even though we are small we know that our overall carbon footprint must head towards zero in the coming decade. We have recently signed the SME Climate Commitment and take that commitment seriously since we know that to have integrity in the race to zero then actions speak louder than words:

  • Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  • Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

We look forward to reporting our 2020/21 progress soon.

Before 2020 became the unusual year that it turned out to be, we had already made an estimate of our corporate carbon footprint to inform our reduction and mitigation efforts – read what we found out.

We are already working with COP26 Principal Partners ScottishPower and SSE to create the cleaner energy system required. Find out more here.

Out team are also active in other ways …

We will be sharing more information on our planned activities for COP26 here as we finalize those through these final few months to November 2021.


Just in time for COP26, Smarter Grid Solutions is pleased to release a new podcast. It will be our contribution to the search for impactful solutions to the climate challenge. We will focus on Distributed Energy which is a key part of the net zero carbon transition and explore topics such as decentralized renewable energy developments, smart grid integration solutions, the required system flexibility, customer and community enablement and local energy markets.

We'll be speaking with the people that are at the cutting edge of implementing smart, clean and flexible energy solutions and ask them about what their organisations are doing and what motivates them as leaders in the clean energy transition.

We hope to shine the light on the most promising energy system technologies for communities, power grids and markets.

Stream Now!

Episode 1

In this episode, we speak with Mairi Brookes, Executive Director at the Low Carbon Hub (LCH)  in the UK, about her and their amazing work in community energy and how they embrace the opportunities and challenges with combined efforts across 50 community energy groups.





Episode 2

In this episode we speak with Scott Mathieson the Network Planning & Regulation Director at SP Energy Networks in the UK. Scott speaks about planning the network to meet current responsibilities as well as future customers and generations.  This includes the significant capacity of renewables already connected and the massive increase in connection capacity now being planned for as well as the challenges for local networks from massive scale heat and transport electrification.



Episode 3

In this episode, we speak with Zach Caruso, Lead Analyst at AVANGRID in the US. We hear from Zach about his personal motivation on climate change as well as AVANGRID’s progress on their ambitious carbon neutrality commitments and the role of AVANGRID networks in delivering that.  Zach shares experience of deploying their Flexible Interconnect Capacity Solution (FICS) using Smarter Grid Solutions’ technology in line with the NY state regulator directive to create clean energy hosting capacity.


Episode 4

In this episode we speak with Stephen Stead, Director of Strategic Growth at SSE Energy Solutions (SSE) in the UK. Steve speaks about the challenges and the new ideas and solutions in integrating distributed, local energy into networks and the energy market. These solutions span the decarbonization of multiple energy vectors as well as private networks development and smart cities. The drive to real net zero carbon and the use of digital platforms to manage energy, financial and carbon to achieve those goals comes clearly through the discussion.


Episode 5

In this episode we speak with Dr. Simon Gill, Head of Whole System & Technical Policy in the Directorate of Energy & Climate Change at The Scottish Government. Simon talks about his motivations relating to climate change and his career route into clean energy and technical policy. He outlines the many aspects of clean energy policy and the system issues being considered by the Scottish Government as well as his hopes for COP26.


We saved you a seat!

We are here and ready to welcome you to our home city of Glasgow. Our offices are right in the heart of Glasgow city centre and we will be hosting visitors to show how the management of low carbon distributed energy resources is an important strand of the transition to a fully clean, flexible, smart, customer-oriented and sustainable electricity system. And, if you are not travelling to Glasgow physically then we would still be pleased to hear from you and share.


Interested in a visit?

If you are in Glasgow and would like to speak to us please fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Pleased to be working with COP26 partners