Our whitepapers are created by our business leaders, consultants, and engineering experts to enable our customers and industry colleagues to gain vital insights and hear our opinions and experiences on key industry topics including Flexibility Markets and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems. 


00_Microgrid Whitepaper

A Guide to Microgrid Development and the Role of Microgrid Energy Management Systems (EMS)


This whitepaper provides an excellent starting point for microgrid discovery and development processes, highlights key implementation and operation challenges and solutions while emphasizing the essential role of Microgrid Energy Management Systems.


Flexible Interconnection Whitepaper Cover

Clearing queues, reducing costs and speeding up grid connections whitepaper


This whitepaper examines the issues raised by DER interconnection screening, the limitations of typical interconnection solutions, the challenge of growing interconnection queues and the role and value of the Flexible Interconnection solution.



DERMS Playbook by Utility Dive

Just a few short years ago, distributed energy resources (DERs), such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles and battery storage, were barely on the radar for utilities: the scale was just too small. But fast-forward a few years and there’s been a systemic shift, with total DER capacity forecasted to reach 387 gigawatts by 2025.

The rapid emergence of such a large influx of DERs has captured the attention of virtually all utilities today. The widespread adoption of distributed, bi-directional and intermittent resources at the grid’s edge represents a fundamental move away from a power system dominated by large fossil fuel power plants. This playbook takes an in-depth look at the future of power systems and grids, including:

  • How policy, economics and consumer demand are driving this transformation
  • The complex questions raised by the proliferation of DERs  
  • Why a changing grid needs a distributed energy resources management system (DERMS)
00_Microgrids for Communites

How to build a community microgrid

A true community microgrid is one that has been developed in close consultation with the local population. It’s a microgrid design that’s been vetted, and tailor made to meet specific needs that are unique to the people.

future of flex_small

The Future of Flexible Connections


This whitepaper by our Executive Director Alan Gooding provides a background to Flexible Interconnections and the rules and regulation that drive them. It clarifies terminology, explains who benefits and how these connections are typically implemented, with examples highlighting key differences from around the world. Alan also explores some of the challenges and improvements still to be addressed with Flexible Connections, providing insight into ways that they are likely to develop in the future


ANM/DERMS Innovation


This whitepaper written by Colin Gault, SGS Head of Products, looks at the importance of innovation in the electricity sector during a pivotal time in the transition from DNO to DSO. He shares key experiences from SGS over the past ten years as it built its leading DERMS platform and what lessons can be learnt and improvements made in innovation programmes on the journey towards net-zero carbon energy system.

DSO Transition_Whitepaper

Distribution System Operator (DSO)


This whitepaper explores the changes to the distribution utility landscape resulting from the energy transition and focuses on the implications for distribution utilities in terms of the new roles to be fulfilled, new and functions to deliver, the new capabilities they must develop and deploy and the new business models that will deliver this efficiently and with fair allocation of new value streams. 

DER Flexibility_Whitepaper

DER Flexibility Whitepaper


Read our 2019 insights on the continued growth of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) flexibility, written by Smarter Grid Solutions Executive Director, Graham Ault.

Graham looks at the flexibility market trends, DER flexibility characteristics, opportunities, customer requirements, utility and flexibility provider operating models and the importance of Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software for managing the diverse and changing world of DER flexibility and zero-carbon energy.


Distributed Resource Energy Management Systems (DERMS)


As the world's distribution utilities transition to become distribution system operators, and the proliferation at the grid edge of distributed renewable - but intermittent - energy resources continues at an ever-increasing pace, so do the requirements for new capabilities to manage, control and automate the operation of the distribution grid. This is where a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) platform comes in.