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Our whitepapers are created by our business leaders, consultants, and engineering experts to enable our customers and industry colleagues to gain vital insights and hear our opinions and experiences on key industry topics including Flexibility Markets and Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems. 

Creating a Utility DERMS Platform to Leverage DER Growth

Explore the fundamentals behind the DER and DERMS market, the common challenges tackled by utilities, developers and customers, and the value-additive use cases for DERMS and system requirements.

Monetizing DERMS Use Cases: The What, Why and How of Creating Value Whitepaper

Unlock the value of DERMS with our insightful infographic. Explore diverse use cases, including deferred grid upgrades, microgrid control, and revenue stacking. Discover how utility leaders can leverage DERMS.

Why DERMS Functionality Must Expand to Deliver the Full Value of Distributed Energy Resources

Discover your use case goals for DER sourcing and interconnection in our playbook. Explore the transformative power of next-gen DERMS, unlocking innovative results like virtual power plants and decarbonization. Embrace the proven path to success.

Modernizing the Grid, Minimizing Carbon, Creating Financial Value and Delivering Resilience with DERMS

Utilities have witnessed a significant shift in the adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) like rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and battery storage. DER capacity is now projected to reach 387 GW by 2025, signaling a transformative change.

A Guide to Microgrid Development and the Role of Microgrid Energy Management Systems Whitepaper

Explore the role of Microgrid Energy Management Systems with our comprehensive guide. Discover key implementation challenges, solutions, and get started on microgrid development for a sustainable energy future.

How To Build a Community Microgrid Whitepaper

Explore Smarter Grid Solutions' comprehensive guide on community microgrid construction. Discover the power of collaborative design with delivering customized solutions for effective energy management and  unique needs.

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Embark on the clean energy revolution by embracing a diverse range of DERs. Discover the importance of advanced grid management software like DERMS, unlocking advantages for your cooperative.

Flexible Interconnection: Clearing Queues, Reducing Costs and Speeding Up Grid Connections

Explore our whitepaper analyzing the challenges of DER interconnection screening, conventional solutions' limitations, growing interconnection queues, and the value of the Flexible Interconnection solution. Gain insights into overcoming interconnection barriers.

The Future of Flexible Connections

Gain valuable insights from on Flexible Interconnections. Understand the regulatory framework, benefits, implementation, and global variations. Explore future development and addressing challenges in this comprehensive resource.

ANM/DERMS Innovation Whitepaper

Explore the significance of innovation in the electricity sector amid the DNO to DSO transition. Discover valuable lessons, improvements, and the path towards achieving a net-zero carbon energy system based on our own decade-long journey. 

The Distribution System Operator (DSO) Transition
Delve into our whitepaper examining the evolving distribution utility landscape amid the energy transition. Discover the implications for new roles, functions, capabilities, and business models that ensure efficient delivery and fair allocation of value streams.
Distributed Energy Resource Flexibility Whitepaper
Discover our 2019 insights on the expanding Distributed Energy Resources (DER) flexibility. Explore market trends, characteristics, opportunities, customer requirements, operating models, and the vital role of DERMS software in managing the dynamic world of DER flexibility and zero-carbon energy.
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