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We were delighted to work in partnership with The Interchange on the challenges and leading solutions in the smart, flexible, clean energy transition.  We are also very pleased that you are visiting Smarter Grid Solutions to find out more about how our software can integrate renewable and distributed energy into the grid and market and give you real control over, and value from, your energy assets.

Smarter Grid Solutions is a leading enterprise energy management software company operating internationally from bases in the UK and US.

Our DERMS products are used by distribution utilities, energy service companies and microgrid operators to manage grid capacity and resilience and to seamlessly integrate energy assets to the grid and market.

Our software already manages over 400 MW of distributed energy resources around the world and has created over $300 million in value for our customers.

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PNG - Strata Grid (Original)

Strata Grid is our Utility DERMS product that seamlessly integrates, controls, and optimizes grid connected distributed energy units of any type and size, in any location.  This enables distribution utilities to monitor and control customer DER interconnections, meaning they can manage grid capacity and headroom, manage flexibility, save on grid upgrade investments, and serve their customers better. 

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PNG - Strata-Resilience (Purple)

Strata Resilience is our software-based microgrid control solution that delivers grid connected, island and black-start microgrid functions. Integrating microgrids to grids and markets, it optimizes revenues while delivering supply security. Strata Resilience delivers all the capabilities required for the management of clean energy assets in microgrids and is already deployed and creating value for customers in North America and the UK.

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PNG - Cirrus Flex (Original)

Cirrus Flex is our Virtual Power Plant product that optimizes the operating schedules of Distributed Energy Resources, maximizing returns from energy markets and grid flexibility services. Cirrus Flex connects mixed distributed energy assets and fleets to the grid and market, delivering on-site and system value to asset owners, operators, aggregators and traders.

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